Management Consulting

Management Consulting Services


Leadership Training Center provides multiple management consulting services to its clients. Our highly experienced team offers its work based on innovation and on core values by focusing on the customer and understanding his needs. We provide solutions that are effective and responsive to the specific challenges and the needs of each customer and the uniqueness of their operations and business activities. 

We offer our services to be effective solutions to achieve continuous improvements in today's ever-changing world as follows:


Business Consulting Strategy: 

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment Evaluation
  • Risk Management
  • Developing institutions and companies


Operations Consulting: 

  • Market studies
  • Process improvement
  • Monitoring Performance


Financial consulting Enterprises: 

  • Assistance in financing solutions
  • Restructuring of corporate’s capital
  • Evaluation
  • Assist customers in the integration or acquisition process


Human Resources Consulting: 

  • Design of administrative structure
  • Human resources operations
  • Performance assessment and development systems